Monday, August 31, 2015

My Little Rose: 5 Weeks Old

My Little Rose,

Oh you are so SCRUMSIOUSLY cute. Seriously I know that every mom on the planet is biased but I just think you are super adorable. I am loving having a little girl, all the adorable outfits, all the super cute pink, and the hair bands that are so in right now… I die!





You are still working on your neck control. The progress is slow. We still are doing lots of tummy time and you can pick up your head for brief moments but I have yet to capture a non-blurry photo of it. Most of them are of you with a big face plant trying to lift your head again. This week you are sticking your tongue out like crazy. It’s like you finally realized it was there and when I come up to you to say hi you stick out your tongue. HA.




Grandma Faith has been here helping so much and loving all the baby cuddles.



This week I finally got around to setting up the magic swing. At night I put you in for the first part of your sleep and instead of giving me a 2-3 hours of sleep you are sleeping 4 consistently every single night. I feed you and the you go right back to sleep for another 2-3 hours. Getting 6-7 hours of sleep every night with only one interruption has been DIVINE. Seriously I feel like a whole new person. It is amazing what sleep deprivation can do to your soul.



You are still an angry grunter and I managed to get a small grunt on camera this week. Oh my darling baby girl, I hope you settle and quiet soon.


And so it begins you are now officially too big for most of the newborn clothes and I had to pack a big bag of stuff away… and it feels like tomorrow you will be going to college. SIGH, everything is moving so fast.




We have been going out all week. I am continuing to go out even though it is hard. I feel like if I slow down and stay home then I will get lazy and never be brave enough to take both kids out alone. Mostly I push you around in the stroller and we walk or RUN after your brother. At least I am getting exercise and you are getting out of the house to see the big wide world and in fact most of the time you are sleeping. I am thankful that you are easy going, just like your brother was at this age. You love the car and don’t seem to mind your car seat. We even managed our first grocery shopping trip. I wore you in the moby and you tolerated it really well until the last five minutes. I took you out and you were HOT. I hope the weather gets cooler soon because the moby is going to be our best friend.



Love, Mama

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