Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lake Balbo in a Heat Wave

Daddy is now officially on break from working months and months and months of overtime at work. Now that he is home with us for 5 weeks we want to fill our days with family time. Today it was beautiful and sunny so we headed to a new park my Little Cricket and I discovered a few months ago. Mr. Rogue hadn’t seen it yet and it seemed like a perfect idyllic place to start our stay-cation together.

That is it seemed like a great idea until we pulled into the park and got out of the car. We live by the beach, so the weather was perfect, this park is inland and it was 97 degrees here with no breeze. Since we drove all that way we decided to just spend some time at the park, a quick short hour… which then became a half hour… which then turned into my Little Cricket turning into a bright read tomato.


We rushed back to the car pushing fluids on my Little Cricket and once we got to the car we started blasting the AC. We were there a little less than 20 minutes and I feel like we escaped heatstroke for my Little Cricket narrowly.


With the park as a big fail we decided to go to lunch, back by our house, inside in the air conditioning. It was lovely.


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