Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Goodbye Mom and Dad

After two weeks here for mom and four days here for dad the in-laws are ready to go home. Although the boys are working like crazy they were able to sneak away for an hour for dinner. I cooked chicken and dumplings, because it is a family tradition to eat it, by myself while watching two kids… it was my first major undertaking as a new mom of two and let me tell you it was TOUGH. Instead of napping with the kids I instead chopped vegetables. Instead of relaxing when both kids had a moment of calm I was cleaning, or cooking, or setting the table. Although it was lovely to have everyone over for dinner, and a wonderful goodbye sendoff it was exhausting.

By the time everyone left I was destroyed. The kids were both in bed by 8 and I followed not long after. My life as a mom, in bed early, out of bed early. Motherhood is forcing me to not only dig deeper than I ever have before but also become a morning person.



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