Sunday, September 6, 2015

Everyone is Calling Me Crazy… and I Just Might Be

My niece Ms. Pixie, who lived with us for a time, is pregnant. And her baby shower is next month. I specifically asked her mom if she could make sure to give me enough notice because I want to be there for her. The kicker is that Mr. Rogue can’t come; he has to work, so I have to fly alone with both kids. When we were talking about dates for the shower, before my Little Rose was born, I had a more optimistic view on traveling for the shower. But now I see how hard it is taking care of two, and now that I know Mr. Rogue can’t come with me, I have had a few moments of worry.

I am not too worried about the kids on the plane; I am more worried about getting two kids and two car seats as well as a diaper bag ONTO the plane by myself. After reading every article I could find online as well as trolling through blogs and message boards I came up with a loose plan of how I was going to manage.

Everyone told me I was crazy attempting this alone. And maybe I am. And then I figured that if I am already crazy I may as well add on a side trip to Pittsburgh while I am over on that side of the United States. I called Ms. Pool Shark and we made our plans. I would fly into Pittsburgh, we would road trip 10 hours with my two kids and her kid to Atlanta, and then I would fly home from Atlanta.

Today I booked my plane tickets. No matter how hard it is going to be I refuse to stop traveling.

I hope this works out as well as it does in my mind. Rainbows and moonbeams here I come!

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