Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Hot Drink for a Blazing Hot Day

My mother in law is only here in LALA land for a few more days and since her one of her favorite things is the farmers market we headed there for our weekly shopping. I used to come to the farmers market without kids, where I had was free to shop sans watching a stroller and trying to navigate said big double stroller through the crowds. Although it is annoying and it takes way longer to shop I am choosing to look at the glass half full side of things, because it is the only way I am going to survive being a parent. So at least with the stroller I can store everything underneath instead of having to Sherpa it on my bag back to the car. Plus… my stroller has cup holders, which my mother in law filled with freshly squeezed orange juice this morning.




After we tried yummy food and filled up the stroller we decided to grab some lunch. We walked lazily down the promenade and attempted to keep ourselves in the shade. It was hot, a hot sunny perfectly cloudless day. We were people watching and chatting about the cute stores on the strip when my mother in law declares that she is hot, in fact she is sweating. Now my brain immediately jumped too, oh do we need to sit down, get into a building with air conditioning, is she TOO hot, is she going to pass out? No, no, I am wrong, she is so hot that she claims wants a coffee. My brain stopped, she’s not going to die… she just wants a coffee… like an iced coffee.

No, no… she wants a hot coffee. You know a nice HOT drink for this blazing HOT day. Makes perfect sense; of course this just reiterates my belief that all you coffee drinkers are crazy.

Anyways we get her a coffee, we continue on our walk, and I shake my head trying to figure out this nonsense. Finally after looking at a few different menus we head into a restaurant that we both think looks good, don’t worry I made sure they had air conditioning before we came in.

Of course hind sight is always killer. What I should have asked was do you have air conditioning and this isn’t a white tablecloth kind of place right. I knew the second we saw the tables that this wasn’t a good idea but my mother in law was hungry and really wanted to stay. After all she said, Cricket would be fine after a while right. NO… after only a few minutes where he tried to rip the whole restaurant down I gave in and did the unspeakable. I pulled that white tablecloth away and exposed the naked underbelly of the table. On the plus side lunch was amazing, the burger was really good, the sweet potato French fries were even better, we had the entire restaurant to ourselves and the kids were really good. Or at least good enough to allow me to eat most of my meal hot.





See, glass half full. I got this!

And now I am going to go work off those burger calories by RUNNING after my child who thinks it is funny to run away from me. I should have named him Dash dammit.


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Jennifer Arens said...

Are you going to cave and get the leash/backpack thing?!

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