Monday, August 17, 2015

The Week in Moments: 27 Months Old

My Little Cricket,

With the arrival of your sister you now look and feel like SUCH a big boy. I am amazed at just how fast the past two years has flown by. Seems like it was only yesterday that you were a tiny baby, and now that we have another baby in the house you seem like a little man. You have this crazy wild, kind of curly hair that I am not really sure how to style yet. We tried a short cut but I missed your crazy hair. Since I am not ready to put products in it yet we are just rolling with the beach look you got rocking naturally. I just adore it.




You crawled out of your crib this week two weeks before I was scheduled to give birth. We have had the big boy bed for a while, I knew it was getting close, but I just wasn’t ready. You climbed out, I put you back and you climbed out again. Now you are in your big boy bed and the transition thankfully went easier than I expected. It took about a week before you really started to settle into the new routine, and I have to say now that I am loving it. Even though I am exhausted I am trying to run you so you are nice and tired at night. We read two books and then I sing twinkle twinkle to you. For the most part nighttime has been fantastic.


Naps on the other hand are hit or miss and it took me a few days, and removing all the books and your toy chest from your room into your closet before you finally started taking naps well. I still nap when you nap and MAMA cannot give up naps just yet.



When we aren’t running around like crazy trying to get your wiggles out we are busy at home keeping you entertained. I am so tired so much of the time that I am often napping when you nap AND going to bed when you go to bed. It’s the only way that I can keep up with you right now. I just thank God we have a nice yard (now with the new jungle gym that you adore), wonderful parks close by, your art class we go to, and that you love crafts at home. And then those moments when I literally cannot handle another minute we turn to TV. Right now you watch about a half hour to an hour a day.

















You are helping around the house with everything. You are my little shadow and want to do everything I am. You help take out the trash, throw the diapers away, you help with laundry and cooking, and even little things like attempting to get yourself dressed and helping more with washing your hands and brushing your teeth is all just super cute. We run errands together and are essentially inseparable.



A few funny new quirks popped up this month. You love to hide things in your clothes, mostly little things like your match box cars. You also love to bring me different pairs of shoes than what I am wearing and change them for me. And I just about died from laughter when you I handed you some grapes on the vine and you picked one then tried to reattach it.




A wonderful accomplishment is now you are holding my hand so much better. Its as if you decided now that you like holding my hand instead of treating it like a punishment. It makes me so happy. Instead of having to carry you or strapping you in the stroller all the time you can now just walk by my side.


You are jabbering and babbling more than ever. You still aren’t speaking a ton but at least you are attempting to communicate vocally more. This month you started saying car, bath and baby. You also picked up a new way of saying mama, with this weird hand motion that I managed to catch a video of. Kid you make me smile with joy!


You are still messy, you are still a picky eater, you still aren’t super excited about trying new foods (although you did try aunt dancers funky purple smoothie). The food thing is really starting to concern me. I don’t want you to be a picky eater, and the list of things you will eat seems to get smaller and smaller by the week. But I also don’t want to force you to eat something you don’t like and create this weird power battle. For now I am just celebrating the fact that you love vegetables.





You still love electronics, remotes, lights and anything you can take apart and put back together again. I love when you play peek a boo and hide and go seek and I just adore to see you and your father playing together. You are such a happy wonderful little boy and this mama feels blessed with your constant joy.





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