Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Westside Regional Service Coordinator Arrives

This process, going through a government run and funded program is the most laborious, drawn out, painful process. I am so above and beyond annoyed with how long it has taken to get to this point, where I finally get to meet our Service Coordinator and talk about what services my son is eligible for.

So far we have met with IT’S A private assessment agency which basically sucked. Then I made arrangements with the Westside Regional center. We then met with an Occupational Therapist consultant, a speech consultant, a case worker before they put all the information in front of a board to decide what to do. The meeting with the Service Coordinator was to discuss that decision and talk about next steps. We got denied screening for autism, they don’t believe my son has it, and we got denied Occupational Therapy treatment. We did get approved for Speech Therapy twice a week but that is all. I was so super frustrated. From my discussions with the therapists I thought we were also going to get approved for a special toddler program since his speech is so delayed but for now that is a no go. I thought that we would at least get screened for autism (which would give me more peace of mind) since the case worker mentioned that she thought he may have it but that is also a no go as well.

The system sucks. No one really talks to each other. Instead my sons file gets a few comments in it and gets passed from person to person. The case worker wasn’t familiar with my sons case and had to keep referring to the file. And then to top it all off she told me that only 2 of the 5 people on the board actually showed up to make the decision about my sons services. And then I found out that I had a right to be at that decision making meeting. By the end of the appointment I had tears of frustration in my eyes and I am sure I pissed off the case worker a bit.

Bottom line, we are getting speech therapy which will start sometime in the next month.

And then in December we will reassess how my Little Cricket is doing and make modifications if need be.

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