Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Phase #2 Baby Help: Mrs. Dancer Swoops In

My parents left yesterday back home. They had my nephew stay with them for an entire month and then had one day to pack before flying to help me for the past two and a half weeks. They are all kid-ed out. I am sure when I dropped them off at the airport they did a grandparent happy dance. And I am sure they are MORE than ready to get back to their nice quiet kid free lives. As for me I am so incredibly grateful for all their love and support and hard work. I don’t like to ask for help, I like to do things on my own. I am proud that I am capable of doing it all. But this surgery, having a second baby, and the care of my Little Cricket all without my husband would have been virtually impossible.


So I pulled in, and I asked for help, and you know what… no one said no and everyone is jumping in to help; first my parents, and now Mrs. Dancer. When trying to schedule my parents and my in laws to come help with the new baby there was a five day gap. Since I am still not able to move around well and since I am not allowed to lift anything heavier than the baby I needed help. My bestie Mrs. Dancer and my cousin Ms. Sweetie were able to divide the days between them so I would always have someone around.


Mrs. Dancer and I braved taking both kids out to breakfast. My Little Rose slept through it all. My Little Cricket on the other hand needed a little more attention… ok a lot more attention. He was so not happy at breakfast. I was super happy at breakfast. I am so damn hungry all the time… mommy breastfeeding problems. YUMMMMM.



Thankfully after breakfast we headed to the park and my Little Crickets view on life turned to sunshine and rainbows. He SUPER LOVES the park, where he can run and climb and just be a happy little boy. Over the next few days I rested and Mrs. Dancer took my Little Cricket to the park daily. We were both in heaven thanks to my super wonderful super best friend.





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