Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Un Monster-in-law

I have met a ton of married women and a ton of moms over the years that constantly complain and lament about their husbands terrible mothers. Some are horror stories with constant fighting, others are just two people unwilling to compromise. And I am sure there are a ton of personality conflicts. Bottom line is that its difficult to blend two families together no matter what the situation. I have to say that every time I hear about another horrible mother in law I have to do a silent prayer thanking the lord for the FABULOUS mother in law that I have. Sure my husband’s parents have a few quirks that I find it difficult to understand sometimes but these are amazing people. And with the birth of my children I have only grown to appreciate my mother in law more. I call her my UN monster in law. She is incredibly helpful and mostly complimentary and she just adores me and the kids. Life is made easier with harmony in our home and our blended families.

My mother in law, she is a gem.






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