Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Little Rose: Second Pediatrician Appointment

My mom and I headed to my Little Rose’s second pediatrician appointment, sigh I look so incredibly tired. The doctor mostly wanted to just make sure that my Little Rose got back to her birth weight and she did. YAY. She is now a half ounce heavier than she was at birth, which is a much quicker bounce back than her brother.





I also spent some time talking to the doctor about the incredibly difficult time we have been having trying to breastfeed. It is not going well, although I keep trying I am starting to get incredibly frustrated. We are still attempting to breastfeed and then we are syringe feeding for now. I am just incredibly happy that my baby is gaining weight and doing well despite our issues. I am hoping in the next few weeks we will get better at breastfeeding.



The second thing we talked about is the hard little lumps I found in your breasts. My mother and I were SHOCKED when the doctor squeezed and milk came out. SERIOULSY… milk just came out of my little girls breasts… WHAT!!!!!!!

Apparently it is called Galactorrhea aka Witches Milk and although my mother and I have never heard about it apparently its relatively common happening in about 5% of newborns of either sex. The good news is that it usually goes away on its own within about 2 months. On a scale of freak out, this is just a little tiny thing. Deep breath, trust in the process, and take a wait and see approach.




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