Monday, August 17, 2015

My Little Rose: 3 Weeks Old

My Little Rose,

You are turning into a delicious butter ball. You are getting rolls of fat in your wrists and your little legs and they are just so yummy. I love seeing you grow and get stronger. Unfortunately we are still having issues breast feeding. I have given up for now I am not pumping breastmilk so we can bottle feed you for most of your feeds. I am exhausted and in pain and in tears almost daily. I am still trying to get you to latch once or twice a day but if it isn’t working I pump. I hate pumping, I hate washing all these pump parts and bottles, and I hate having to warm breastmilk all the time. HOWEVER I know I am providing you with the best that I can.





With two kids I need my hands free at all times or at the very least at most times. I only used a baby bjorn for my Little Cricket, but I knew I would need something more comfy and better to use for an infant. This week we tried out the Moby for the first time, just for short periods while at home and it worked wonderfully. You are a little hot pocket, and with how warm it has been lately it got us both pretty warm but I loved the freedom of being able to move around and still keep you close and snug.


You are still being held most of the time. With family visiting from out of town and lots of visitors wanting to meet you no one can resist you. Sadly I have developed a rash on my chest, where your head usually rests. Your hair is a little oily and I guess my skin is reacting. Guess this means more baths for you and a cloth under your head now when we cuddle.




You still aren’t loving your bassinet. For now we are using the cozier fit of the pack and play bassinet which you love. And at night sometimes we use the swing, also a cozier snugger fit for you and you love the swinging motion. We are still working on getting a routine; right now you don’t really have a schedule so everything is just kind of all over the place. Thankfully you are a great sleeper and when I can get both kids down for a nap at the same time so that I can sleep I feel like I hit the lottery.




We take tummy time seriously hoping that you don’t develop a flat spot on the back of your head. It is hit or miss with you, sometimes you are ok with it and sometimes you hate it. Still 3-4 times a day we attempt at least 15 minutes of tummy time. Daddy likes to do your tummy time on his tummy, I think it is your favorite way.




I was staring at you this week and I noticed that you have a cleft in your chin. Since I know for a fact that we don’t have cleft chins on my side of the family I turned to Mr. Rogue’s family tree. Turns out Mr. Rogue’s mom, Mrs. Faith, has a cleft in her chin. I just never noticed it. Now I am noticing people with cleft chins everywhere.


You still love having your hands by hour head, or on your face. I have to keep your nails cut so short so you aren’t clawing your face. I think it is totally adorable. This week you also started rolling your eyes into the back of your head. When you fall asleep you fight it a bit and then the eye rolling happens. Sometimes you smile too. Totally adorable.




I took you out to your brother’s art class this week. It was tricky getting out of the door with two kids and all your stuff and on time but we managed to make it to class ok and not forget anything and not be late. Everyone adored you in class.


I am still on track with your weekly photos. I don’t have a ton of time to do them, or at least not as much as I spent taking your brothers, but I am taking weekly photos. For most of the time you are cooperating well, and then without warning you are done. Being the most adorable model is such hard work.




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