Monday, August 10, 2015

My Little Rose: 2 Weeks Old

You are now two weeks old and you just get cuter and cuter. I love all the pink outfits, the pink clothes, your little nose, your little long long toes. Sadly we are still having issues breastfeeding and I am in so much pain, and so frustrated that I decided to embrace my breast pump and give my poor boobs a rest for a few days. So we have caved and introduced bottles to you. The good news is that you are doing well, you are gaining weight and I am pumping more than enough milk for you.








You gave me one five hour window of sleep one night this week and DAMN did that feel amazing. I was a little disoriented when I woke up, like my body didn’t understand how it could get so much sleep. Ahhh the joys of being a mom to a newborn. It’s all about the little things that make you happy.




Your belly button stub fell off this week. I am always a little weirded out by it so I am glad its out of the way now. Sadly you have a tiny bit of yellow discharge in your belly button. Apparently, according to Goggle, this is normal. I am hoping it clears up in a few days.



You love being swaddled but GOD FORBID if we swaddle your arms in. If your hands are not up around your face you are not happy and you let everyone know about it. Of course this means you are waving your hands, with your baby super sharp nails all around your face all of the time. Since you already slashed yourself a few times I am going to have to be extra vigilant about keeping your little nails short. I love how you are already starting to show little quirks that make you you.



After being in the hospital for 4 days and cooped up at home for a week I am ready to get out. So we busted out the double stroller for the first time. It’s a little awkward at first to get everyone and everything we need out the door but we managed an outing to the farmers market and a walk to the mall this week. It felt amazing to get out and of course you slept the whole time like the good girl you are. I forgot how awesome going out with a newborn is. I have to RUN after my Little Cricket all the time. You, you just peacefully sleep.







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