Monday, August 3, 2015

My Little Ms. Rose: 1 Week Old

It has only been a week since you were born and life has been a whirlwind. My parents here are helping with your brother and you and taking care of me too. Out of all the things I imagined I would have issues with a second child I never in a million years suspected that breastfeeding would be so hard. With your brother I didn’t have a single problem but you and I just don’t seem to be working well together. I saw a lactation consultant at the hospital, and we seem to be doing everything right but you just aren’t latching. Aside from driving me crazy I am also in a ton of pain. My poor nipples are raw and bleeding. They are so bad I had to dig through my baby bin for the Lanolin that someone gifted me at my baby shower for my Little Cricket that I never used. I am using a ton of it now.



On top of the sleep deprivation and the C-section surgery I burst out in tears daily. Right now we continue to try to breastfeed, I refuse to give up, but we are also using the syringe, something that the lactation consultant recommended we use as a helping tool. I latch you and slide this syringe into the side of your mouth to get you started. We are barely limping along.





In better news you are an awesome sleeper. So far we missed the colic boat and you are sleeping a solid 3-4 hours, waking up and eating and going right back to sleep. Even though you are sleeping you are LOUD. In fact you wake me up every half hour with a loud grunt or a cry or you are just fussing. You are fine, in fact you are sleeping soundly but dang you are loud. It is amazing how much I forgot, taking care of a little baby is a ton of work. Don’t you worry I am napping as much as I can with you on me or by my side.




Thankfully during these first few weeks we have lots of help. My parents are both here right now and your daddy is home this week. You are not put down very much and instead are being held all the time. We all just cannot resist, you are too adorable. Everyone is exhausted, grandma even tried to put one of your brothers diapers on you for a minute and I am walking around like a zombie. But everyone is showering you with love, grandpa even gave you your very first head rub, something he used to give me all the time as a kid. I loved it and so did you.










Grandma and I have you your first bath at home. You still have your belly button stub, that we aren’t supposed to submerge. So we set up a towel next to the sink and gave you a little pigeon bath. You didn’t seem to like the bath very much at all although you loved the snuggles from grandma afterwards.






I have a small SUV and with two car seats now in the backseat things are tight. I am not ready to upgrade to a bigger car, mostly because driving and parking in LALA land is hard enough in my current SUV. There is enough room for someone to squeeze into the backseat with both kids. Thank goodness grandma is small and flexible enough to climb into the middle.



Your brother doesn’t really know what to make of you quite yet. Other than him coming over to check you out every so often he has chosen to ignore you for the time being. I am counting that as a success; at least he isn’t acting out our trying to kill you. You seem to tolerate tummy time better than your brother did which is a plus. You just seem so LITTLE, and vice versa my Little Cricket now seems gigantic. We are all adjusting in our own ways to a family of four. Most of all we are just so happy you are here, healthy and simply perfect. You are our little Rose and we adore you.







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