Thursday, August 20, 2015

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Pediatrician Update 2 Years & 3 Months Old

At my Little Crickets last appointment for his 2 year checkup his pediatrician recommended we come back in 3 months. Normally we wouldn’t see the doctor until his two and a half year appointment but my Little Crickets weight had dipped a little from 15th percentile to 10 percentile. We are doing the checkup today to make sure his weight hasn’t dipped any lower on the percentile scale.


The doctor was happy that he weighed 25 pounds. I thought it was a low number. After all he only gained 2 pounds in two months. However typical children gain 8 grams a day and he gained 10.5 grams a day. Now thankfully he is back up at his normal 15th percentile. Still skinny but at least he is back on his curve.


We talked more about his developmental delay with his speech. He still isn’t talking very much, not nearly at all as much as his little friends. We talked about how his hearing test came back perfectly normal. We talked about the speech therapy he will soon be getting. And we both expressed our frustrations with the Genetic Testing. Although we have had our initial appointment my insurance company is denying covering the testing. It blows my mind that insurance companies are even involved in the decisions of treatment from the doctors who actually meet the patients and know them best. My doctor suggested I see a geneticist, the geneticist decided we needed these tests. Yet some paper pushing insurance guy trying to save the company money is preventing us from getting the care we need. We are of course appealing, but this whole medical world is a messy horrible ugly problem.



I know I will get the care for my child eventually, it just drives me crazy to have to wait and fight for it.

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Sounds frustrating and you need a break!

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