Friday, July 17, 2015

The Week in Moments: 26 Months Old (113 Weeks)

My Little Cricket,

You are now two years and two months old. This is the last weekly announcement I am going to make; from now on I am going to do an epic monthly update. Mostly because I cannot stand to not do the updates at all, I love them so much, but also because life is getting busy. I often go back and look at all your newborn posts, see how much you have grown and you are SUCH a big boy now.


This week your big news is that you officially are done with the crib. I placed you into your crib perfectly happy and content one night. You woke up and started reading one of your books, which always wakes me up. I went to the restroom and was brushing my teeth when you just walked in. I hadn’t gotten you out of the crib yet. You had just climbed out all on your own.

That day I ran you like crazy, we went to the park for almost 3 hours. I figured if I could tire you out you would forget about climbing out of your crib. And it worked. I put you down for your nap in the crib and you went right to sleep… mommy win. Or so I thought, that night I put you down in the crib with confidence you would go to bed, only for you to climb out. I watched you on the monitor. I put you back in and a moment later you climbed back out. We did this three times and then I concluded that the crib is now in our past.

Sleep is such an important thing to me. I knew you were getting close to being done with the crib, we have had a big boy ready for a while. But I wasn’t ready. You were sleeping so well, and I am pregnant, I just didn’t want to rock a boat that was smoothly sailing. Well now our boat has sunk. It was time to sleep train you in a big bed. I put you in bed, I read you some books, I sang you our song and then I closed your door. You opened that door again and again. I lead you back to your bed again and again and again. And then finally I told you if you got out of your bed again I was going to put the monkey lock on the door.

Of course you got out again. I put the monkey lock on and walked away. I watched you on the monitor. You sat at the door looking through the crack. You didn’t cry or scream so I decided to give you a few minutes to see what you would do. It was late, you were tired. Your solution was to fall asleep right outside the door. After about 20 minutes I went in and moved you back into the bed where you slept for the rest of the night. It was a pretty decent first night, hopefully next week you learn to fall asleep IN your bed.





In other news you worshiped your big cousin who came to help watch you. I loved seeing your little bond grow and I love that you show so much affection. I think that you were just super happy to have a buddy that had more energy than your poor pregnant mama. I have been trying to make sure you go out often and that you get to have lots of fun but it has been tough. With your cousin here you have really gotten a workout and tons of attention which you adore.



Your eating has been all over the place, some days you eat a ton and others hardly any at all. I am not sure if you are teething again or just trying to drive me insane. You are getting a lot more vocal with what you want to eat and what you don’t want to eat. In particular you now want specific items off of our plates. I tell daddy that it is only fair that if we are eating it we share. My Little Cricket, you are obsessed with daddy’s chips, and he did not want to share. HEHEHEHE.




You continue to adore an amaze us. Your artwork, your willingness to do anything and everything we do, you self-content and play so well and your curiosity an intelligence. Your magnetile building has taken on a whole new level this week. Instead of building single blocks you are now building towers. I hope you reach the sky baby!






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paul peggy zeus said...

No more baby with this little guy. He is a little boy now, and so adorable. I had to look back, talk about growing up! I hardly recognized his cousin. She was just a little girl last I remembered her. She is growing into a beautiful young lady.

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