Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Surviving the First 24 Hours

It has only been 24 hours and already we are having some issues with breastfeeding. My milk hasn’t come in yet, which is no surprise, however my Little Cricket dropped 11% in weight his first week of life because I was resistant to supplementing. And in the end we supplemented anyways. This time after her first weigh in resulted in a significant weight loss of 7 ounces in one day I decided to be proactive and supplement some formula right away. I was still going to breastfeed but this would hopefully keep her closer to her birth weight. Mr. Rogue handled the bottle feeding and since I was still bed bound all the diaper changes. In fact he joked that I had never had to change a meconium diaper and well it was really a right a passage I just shouldn’t have to miss. I told him if he births the next baby I will change the meconium diaper… until then it was all on him.




Today was a day of tests. We had the hearing doctor come through to the room and the heart doctor and the blood prick test. All were able to perform their tests in our room which was awesome. And the best part all the tests came back normal. It was a day of filling out the baby input and output reports.




As the day progressed I got more and more tubes and wires off of me. And then finally they let me stand. It’s amazing what you allow yourself to forget. DAMN I forgot how bad this surgery hurts. Just standing was super hard. I walked to the bathroom and back and although it was only a few feet felt totally faint and nauseous. I managed not to hurl, 10 points for me said my nurse! My poor feet started to swell though, not looking forward to the next week of that. But the worst part is that I developed a horrible rash. Apparently the doctors aren’t using an iodine wash anymore for surgery. Instead they are using a blue antiseptic wash that I am apparently very allergic too. My doctor and the pharmacist were arguing what anti itch medicine was safe for me to take while breastfeeding so I opted not to take either. I don’t want anything to negatively affect my baby; I will just deal with the itching with cold wash cloths and hope it goes away quickly.





Mr. Rogue did a little photoshoot with the baby. I am so happy that we share a love of photography and have great camera equipment to take photos. I look back at past pictures we have taken of vacations and of my Little Cricket all the time and it fills me with so much joy and nostalgia.







Apparently my Little Cricket is having a blast. I had my parents send me a few photos of him today and although I am missing him like crazy I am happy that he is having so much fun. Here he is cleaning up the backyard with Papa.


Ms. Sweetie offered to come by again today and bring us food. The hospital is only a few blocks from her office. She swung by Olive Garden and picked us up dinner. I love my family, hospital food totally sucks. For breakfast and lunch it can be tolerable but a good dinner is just awesome. Plus she got a few little baby snuggles in too.



Jennifer Arens said...

Muconium....my favorite M word :)

paul peggy zeus said...

Sweetie is the best darn name for her too! You are one lucky lady to be surrounded by so much love.

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