Monday, July 20, 2015

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Genetics Screening

Today I took my Little Cricket to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles for our initial meet and greet at the Genetics division. My Pediatrician, in an effort to learn more about my sons speech regression, asked me to get a genetic screening on my soon. A hearing test and a genetic screening are two easy tests that rule out a number of issues. Just to make sure that Speech Therapy is the right way to go and we aren’t missing anything.

I have heard amazing things about the Children’s Hospital but I didn’t realize just how big this place is. It is so large in fact that when we checked in at the front desk there was a docent to lead us to the genetics area. We went through a billion corridor and two elevators before reaching the genetics front desk.

I immediately loved our doctor who went through a series of quick exams on my Little Cricket; weight, height, diet, listened to his heart, looked into his eyes ears and mouth etc. She went through a list of behaviors and asked so many questions about my Little Crickets day to day live. And then she explained the types of screenings that she would like to do based off my pediatricians recommendations and my answers. On a side note I expressed my concern that my Little Cricket might be autistic. She also reassured me that she does not think that my Little Cricket has autism, or that he at least has a very high functioning level of autism. Her words were that she isn’t a specialist but that she sees thousands of autistic kids a year and that in her opinion he doesn’t fit in that spectrum disorder.

She isn't a specialist in Autism so I have to take her opinion as an opinion but it felt good to hear it.


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