Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: OBGYN Appointment – 39 Weeks Pregnant

Today was a quick appointment. I went in and the doctor asked how I was doing. I tried to play the contractions are coming every minute card… hoping that this baby was coming today… she didn’t believe me. So we went ahead as planned and I got hooked up to a bunch of monitors, took a half hour nap and woke up to the dr walking in to read the results. Our little girls heartbeat is doing great and much to my chagrin (and joy) the monitor didn’t pick up a single contraction which is really good news. My doctor is out of town Thursday-Sunday and since I have my parents flying in Sunday and my csection scheduled for Monday I would rather this baby stay nice and content with me until then. Although it is a nice little dream to also meet my little girl today, I will just have to wait.


With my doctor out of town today was the last day the baby could come early. The next few days I plan on doing a ton of nothing in hopes that she stays nice and cozy until Monday.

In other pregnancy related news I got locked out of my car this week, not because I couldn’t find my keys but because LALA land parking spaces are super sucky at best. The spaces are small and too few to come by. I popped by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for Mr. Rogue only to come out to my lovely neighbor crossing the line (literally). There was no way I was going to be able to get my son in his car seat let alone get my 39 week pregnant self in the driver’s side. And climbing over the center console wasn’t going to happen either, so I went to the grocery store… because I had time to kill.


When I came out I only had to wait another 10 minutes before my not so considerate neighbor appeared at their car. She made eye contact, ducked her head and jumped in her car. I think she was embarrassed, but it would have been nice to get a quick sorry.

To add insult to injury, because we were now way past nap time when I got home a few minutes later I whisked my son up to bed and then crawled into bed myself for a lovely nap. 6 hours later I remembered the groceries I left in the car. SIGH.

I would say I am not a forgetful person, but I would have to say that I wasn’t one pre-children pregnancy. Because after beating myself up about the wasted refrigerated groceries I had to toss, and after promising myself to pay a little more attention to the details of life, I forgot the dog in the car.

I KNOW. Bad mommy. But I took Rogue to the vet early one morning. He is old and needs to be lifted in and out of the car, something I obviously cannot do this pregnant. So Mr. Rogue stayed home with my Little Cricket and I made an 8am early morning appointment. Well when I walked in the door the phone rang for business that I had to take, and my Little Cricket was wrapped tightly around my legs and my husband was asking me a question and I just forgot about the dog. It was only for five minutes, and thank goodness it wasn’t hot out yet. But still. My poor precious fur baby!

The struggle is REAL folks. My mind is falling apart now.

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