Sunday, July 26, 2015

Phase #1 Baby Help: Super Grandparents to the Rescue

My parents have been very busy grandparents. They watched my nephew for the past month. My sister in law in fact just picked him up on Friday. They had Saturday to get everything packed and ready to go and then flew into California this morning. They will be helping out for the next two and a half weeks. First taking care of my Little Cricket while I am in the hospital recovering from a c-section and then taking care of me and both kids while we are recovering at home.


It took my Little Cricket a little bit to warm up to my parents, they haven’t seen him for over a year, but they are fantastic with kids and I know that they are going to have so much fun together. I got my parents a few gifts as a thank you for all that they are going to be doing over the next few weeks. My favorites were the ‘How to babysit a Grandma/Grandpa’ books I got each of them.



I am super sad to have to leave my baby for four days, we decided not to have him visit us in the hospital for many reasons. I know he will be in good hands but I have never been away from my Little Cricket for so long.



Jennifer Arens said...

Oh he is so not a baby anymore! Good job on replacing that stage, mama!

paul peggy zeus said...

Cricket was absolutely delightful to watch. He is such a happy boy, eats well, and goes to bed without trouble. He is truly a joy.

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