Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Wonderful Mother’s Helper Goes Home

Our last day with Ms. Fairy was full of lots of fun and her oh so well deserved reward. If I knew how awesome it was going to be to have her here I would have asked to have her the whole summer. We have had such a great time together, she has been such an amazing help with my Little Cricket and I have loved having a buddy to spend my evenings with.


Today we headed to the mall and I bought her a bunch of new back to school clothes. We didn’t run through as many stores as I thought we would and she got some killer good back to school deals. Afterwards we headed to meet my husband and his brother for dinner so Ms. Fairy could say goodbye to her uncles and then a little Burlesque to end the evening.






I cried the next day a little when we dropped her off at her plane. Bye bye Ms. Fairy, we are going to miss you.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Love her photo with the phone, so beautiful!

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