Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Letter to my Future Baby Girl

Your daddy and I always wanted more children and we were OVER THE MOON to find out we were pregnant again. You my beautiful little baby were loved from the moment we knew we were pregnant. This pregnancy was hard on me, I was running after your brother, I was often so sick, but no matter how bad it got there was always an underlying feeling of happiness.

Because I have lost previous pregnancies I was always a little scared; scared that I would lose this pregnancy too. But you stayed snug and safe. Every doctor visit was perfect. Every lab came back positive. And other than you hiding your heartbeat from the monitors for a few minutes this pregnancy was just smooth sailing. Tomorrow we go to the hospital. Tomorrow you will no longer be kicking my ribs but instead you will be in my arms. And I am SO FULL of grateful happiness that we made it. That you are strong and healthy and ready to be born. And that soon my little angel you will be here.

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