Friday, June 19, 2015

The Week in Moments: 25 Months Old (109 Weeks)

I don’t remember when it started, or where we even got this toy, however we have this windup toy and you are absolutely terrified of it. You seem to be ok with it when it is stationary and not moving. Although cautious you will slowly approach it and gently pick it up to bring it to me. Now the weird thing is that you want me to wind it up. You sit there babbling at me all while gesticulating at the toy. I know you want me to wind it up I just don’t understand why. Because the second I do wind it up and go to set it down you are screeching and scurrying as far away from the toy as possible. This has been going on for months… MONTHS, with no variation to our dance. And then finally one day this week, slowly over the course of an hour you had me wind up the toy and you creeped closer and closer. Now you and the toy are one. You hunker down to watch it slowly creep across the table. I am so happy you are concurring your fears.


Mr. Rogue has been super busy at work but when he can he carves out some time to do something that you love to do. Today he joined us at the park and you and I were totally stoked. Me so I could sit my pregnant butt on a nearby bench and watch my boys playing together. And you because you were so excited to show daddy all the fun stuff at the park. Mr. Rogue and you played with your truck, a constant toy we bring to the park now since your new found love of them. I loved watching you play together.




Mrs. Dancer is always loving new healthy fun food to eat and she came over this week with a protein cookie. That cookie didn’t live long in our house, and Mrs. Dancer only got a bite. You pretty much gobbled the whole thing down. And since I am always interested in getting more protein in you, since you still refuse to eat any kind of meat, I was stoked. Later in the week Mrs. Dancer stopped by with a small bag full of fun protein infused fun food. I am excited to add this to your diet.


We continue to have so much fun every week. We are out almost every single day and sometimes with multiple activities a day. You are always so super busy. Always on the go. Always needing to be ran. Snuggle times at the end of the day are my favorite time of the day. We are both tired after playing in the sunshine.










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