Friday, July 10, 2015

The Week in Moments: 112 Weeks Old

You grow by leaps and bounds now. Every single week there is something different you are trying or doing or succeeding at and I am just so full of PRIDE. You are the happiest most wonderful little boy in the whole wide world and I love being a mom so much. This week I was shucking edamame for you at the restaurant and you really wanted to try to eat it the way mommy does. And just like that you ate edamame from the pod for the first time. Sure it was a little thing but each little thing you learn makes you more independent, more your own little person. God I love you so much.



We love love love your art class. The teachers really get you and you are always getting into things you aren’t supposed too. Every time anyone turns around you are in a cupboard you aren’t supposed to be in, or standing on the table you aren’t supposed to be on or putting your snack in the water feature where it isn’t supposed to be. This week you actually crawled into a play barn that they have and played peek-a-boo with a few people. So funny, so adorable, so you!


We bought you a new play yard this week in anticipation of your new baby sister arriving at the end of the month. I wanted to get you a gift from her, something that you would love and use all the time, and since with a new baby in the house we are going to be home more often than we normally are your daddy and I decided a jungle gym in the backyard would be a fantastic gift. This week when daddy came home from work he said that there was a lumber pile on the porch, and boy was he right. Piles and piles of wood and a box of all the metal to put it together. SIGH, this looks like a bigger job than I had anticipated… Grandma and Grandpa Traveler however offered to put it together while we were in the hospital (to give them something to do mom said). I can’t wait to see it up, I hope you love it as much as we think you are going to.


I have to stop myself from having you use everything properly. Part of the fun of being a kid is to explore and figure out things on your own. Play based learning is so important to us and I love how smart you are. This week you were using your puzzle, which you were working on, as a snack tray as well. Not exactly its function but I guess it works.



Your cousin Ms. Pixie is here this week running after you and playing with you and who has essentially become your new bff. We are both loving having her here. Lately mommy has been tired and not taking you out as much but all week we have been running around all the time. You are doing so much and you are so excited and its all thanks to her. Her ability to not only keep up with you but also giving me a nice break so I feel more center, rested and happy. Bonus!



And she brought you a little gift from her family, a belated Christmas gift. It is your first official sports shirt. Mommy and daddy are complete sport rejects. We don’t like sports, we don’t follow sports and we sure as heck don’t buy sports paraphernalia. However daddy and I both lived in Pittsburgh and this Steelers team is one of Ms. Fairy’s family favorites. I guess at least we know who this team is!




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paul peggy zeus said...

So nice to have such a big helper right before your next baby is born. Cricket and his dousing looks like they are having a wonderful time together.

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