Friday, July 3, 2015

The Week in Moments: 111 Weeks Old

This week I totally lost my cool. We have been going to this park that is fenced in because honestly I am super tired of running after you. I was looking forward to just hanging out with some of the moms while you played. And you did play for a good 15 minutes before you ran to the gate and simply let yourself out. I chased after you and brought you back in. I tried to ask you to leave the gate be, I tried to bribe you to leave the gate be, I even tried to block the gate, but then you realized that there were three other gates you could get out of. In the end I gave you a tap on your butt, even though I don’t believe in spanking, hoping against hope that would get you to stop. You simply pouted, wandered off and then laughed and tried the gate again. In the end we just had to leave. I almost cried on the way home in frustration. But I just need to remind myself that this hard phase will pass.


But it just isn’t this park that you are trying to escape, you want to escape everything. You are trying to get out of your crib (and I am terrified you will succeed). You are trying to get out of the family room often (soon you will be able to open the locked baby gate). And we went to the mall play place and I had to stand by the opening because you were trying to slide out of the area on your back and escape again.


I have learned that at some point I just need to call in reinforcements. You have to get out most days or we both go crazy. So out of desperation I called your Aunt Dancer, she came with us to a new park, which you had a ton of fun exploring. She ran after you. She pushed you in the swing. She bought you ice cream. She played peek-a-boo with you (which is your all-time favorite game). And she carried your unhappy self away from the park when it was time to go.





We do lots of things every week to keep you occupied. The back yard continues to be a constant source of amusement. Your art class is a wonderful hour and a half that we both super love. Even bath time is turned into an activity when you need something new to do or when you get super messy from some craft we did. And something as simple as a box can keep you occupied for an hour.













Since I have moved the rocking chair out of your room and into your sisters nursery we have been read books in your new big bed before every nap and before bed every night. I flirt with the idea of attempting to let you sleep in your big boy bed. Get it out of the way before the new baby comes so I don’t have to try to transition you later while I am sleep exhausted from a new infant. However I just cannot deal with any changes right now. You are sleeping fantastic in your crib. It is super easy right now. And I figure why mess with a good thing. Plus I am just way too tired and in denial that you are growing up. Besides we don’t even have sheets yet.



This week was not to Baby Bulldog’s birthday party. It was so cute with a ‘Dragons Love Taco’s” theme. You absolutely loved the bounce house. I had such a great time catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in a while. And we both loved the cupcakes. YUMMMM sugar.



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