Friday, June 26, 2015

The Week in Moments: 110 Weeks Old

AHHHH you are awesome and maddening and super fun and so exhausting. I am loving being a mom and you are the most ridiculously adorable little mini me but DAMN this is hard.


Since I have been feeling better and since it has been so awesomely beautiful outside we are back to running around all the time. For the most part you are a really good boy, if we could just curb the running things would be so much easier. Lately you don’t want to hold my hand anymore, and so when I try to force you to hold my hand, you know for safety, you simply drop all your weight. 25 pounds BAM without warning and I lose my grip. You often giggle in glee as you escape. And I am often contemplating all the lovely things I want to do with you when I catch you.








On days when we cannot get out and about LALA land we go into the yard. I thank the lord that you love the yard. In fact you love water so much you would stay out back all day. I feel a little bad using water in a drought but you love it so much. This week we even had a friend over and you kids did pretty good sharing.






You are often the most athletic little kid. You climb and run and do all this crazy complicated stuff and then you fall walking across a flat surface. This week you were running across the family room and you fell on one of the iron bar stools. That one hurt, you screamed in my arms for a good 20 minutes, and you don’t cry often. A few hours later your new bruise erupted, a large purple line running from the corner of your mouth to the corner of your eye. Poor baby.



You are still being a picky eater. As in you still won’t eat meat. I keep offering meat, I have even sunk to offering chicken nuggets and yet still you won’t touch it. The good news is that no matter what I put on your tray you ALWAYS go for the vegetable on your plate first and you refuse to touch anything else until those veggies are all gone. I guess I should be happy with small victories.


Your new big boy bed got delivered today. We aren’t ready for you to get out of the crib, however with the new baby coming in a few weeks and with Restoration Hardware’s sketchy often back ordered furniture policies I thought it was best to have the bed in your room, installed and ready to use before we actually needed it. This way you can play in it and get used to it being in your room before you have to sleep in it. Your own little log cabin, you love it and we do too.



You are always helping now. Everything that daddy and I do you want to try. It’s awesome seeing how much you are growing each day. You will now brush your own teeth with some help. And you had such a riot helping daddy make fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast one day. Daddy is your absolute favorite person. When he is at work all day you will run around with his picture saying dada, dada, dada. It’s so adorable.






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