Friday, June 12, 2015

The Week in Moments: 108 Weeks Old

This week you have a new word, its ‘dewey’ or what sounds like dewey. You say it all the time… like 20-30 times a day… and I have no idea what you are talking about.


You now have both your eye teeth poking through. My mom said that these are some of the most painful teeth to come in and boy oh boy are we all dealing with them coming in. You are off your game and are cranky, you aren’t eating well at all and you are occasionally running a slight fever. WE have been indulging in longer naps, more TV, more frozen peas than any human should consume and lots of frustrated tears. I feel like you have been teething forever and I feel so bad for you. So this week we have spent in lots of extra cuddles.



As if you don’t have enough mouth issues you slipped and feel running across the kitchen floor and busted your lip wide open. Sometimes you are the most coordinated athletic child ever and I am amazed at what you can do and sometimes you are a clumsy hot mess tripping over your own feet.




Daddy and I still love pulling you into bed with us in the morning and often, since daddy is working so many hours at work right now, it is the only family time we are getting. Sometimes we read, sometimes we talk but often you are diving for one of our phones. Your new thing this week is burrowing under the covers. You love the glow of the screen in the pitch blackness. So cute.


We often meet friends from our moms groups out and about and this week we met a few at the Marina Beach park. We were all watching you playing on the jungle equipment, it was hot, you all wanted to go into the water, and so we ended up with a little impromptu swimming party. Unfortunately none of us were prepared for said swimming party. We didn’t have towels or changes of clothes. I am a go with the flow mom; I simply removed your pants and let you play in the water in your t-shirt and diaper. I had a spare diaper after all and more clothes back in the car in the parking lot. So you all played until you started to peter out. It was so much fun.




since you are allergic to eggs, and in an effort to expand your ‘quick’ breakfast options I introduced you to cereal this week. So far I have given you Cherrio’s and Cinnamon Life and you love it. Although I don’t want this as your breakfast option every morning I do like the fact that many cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals


You continue to be adorable and frustrating and awesome and funny and exhausting all at the same time. I love to watch you explore and invent and figure things out. I love having my little mini me shadow. I am never lonely anymore because you are always there. Now if I could just keep you off the kitchen counters… you are even climbing the play kitchen counters now. SERIOUSLY!!!!





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