Friday, June 5, 2015

The Week in Moments: 107 Weeks Old

My darling beautiful boy, your hair is a hot mess, but don’t you worry, this is all my fault. I have tried a few times to get you in last minute to get a hair cut, of course I should schedule an appointment ahead of time, but life is just too chaotic right now for little things like plans. So I have called but my normal stylist has just been busy.




This week however the stars aligned and I finally got your hair cut. When we sat down in the chair and when the stylist asked how I wanted your hair cut I just said short. I wanted something that would last until after the baby was born, and since we never had your hair cut really before I wasn’t sure how to get it cut… short seemed like a good starting point. You absolutely hated the hair trimmer and even the lure of Curious George wouldn’t keep you still. So I ended up holding your head, and she ended up quickly finishing your hair. It wasn’t perfect, and after all that short ended up feeling a little too short for me, I missed your longer hair. I think next time we will have to try something in between. For now at least you don’t look like a baby bum.




We had two park incidents of note this week. The first one daddy and I took you to the park and you got caught between two older kids, siblings by the looks of it, who got into a little physical fight with you in between them. It totally freaked you out and I was so aggravated by the other mother who wasn’t even anywhere near the park. We were able to finally calm you down and head to dinner; poor Little guy. You love the park but you dislike sand or dirt on your hands. Maybe it is me and my little OCD ‘I use too many wet wipes in a day’ ness. Regardless you now run to me to clean off your hands all the time.



The second park incident was a super happy one. You found a truck, from what I could tell one that had been abandoned at the park for quite some time. And for the next hour you wouldn’t let that truck go. You vroomed it all over the place with a maniacal ‘Jack Nicholson in the Shining’ kind of smile. Seriously you were squealing with glee. I was actually really sad when it was time to go and we had to leave that little truck behind. Note to self, get a new truck for you to play with at the park.





Mrs. Dancer and I were taking you to the farmers market to pick up some produce when it started to rain. Living in LALA land one rarely ever checks the weather, because it is almost always sunny and perfect, any other outcome like today is just perplexing. So instead of heading home we decided to head to the mall, the indoor play place and Olive Garden for lunch. It is getting so much easier to take you out. When you are playing at the play place I get to sit now almost the entire time, which is a God send considering how pregnant and how tired I am right now. I actually got to have a whole conversation where I got to pay attention for the most part with Mrs. Dancer with only a few minor distractions. When we go out to eat you are also equally as awesome. I tend to try to run you before hand to get out your wiggles. Of course we have to keep a fall out baby zone on the table and things well out of your ‘go-go gadget baby arms’.





With a ton of changes coming around the corner as the new baby arrives I decided to make some changes pre-baby. One big one was to move you into your own bathroom. We have SUPER deep tubs in this house and glass shower protectors that make it difficult to give a little kid a bath. Up until now we have been giving you your baths in our master sunken tub, because it’s the only tub without the glass shower protector. But we are so ready to have our bathroom back. Plus with the new baby arriving soon and all the out of town help coming to take care of you it will be so much easier to have you bathing in your own tub. You did great with the transition, with only a day or two of confusion running to your old tub. You love bath time so much that we are often taking WAY longer baths than I had originally planned.



You have a few new words to add to your vocabulary this week. You are talking OH SO SLOWLY. I am worried about you. I can tell that you are so smart, you figure things out crazy fast, but you just seem to have zero interest in using words. I am hoping in the next month or two you just start babbling away… any day now.

new words:





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