Monday, July 6, 2015

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Speech Our Second Assessment

When I spoke to my Pediatrician a month and a half ago we decided to get my Little Crickets speech assessed. So I called my insurance and got a referral for the only speech assessment company in my area that was in network. Although the technician I met was nice the building, the office and the front desk staff were a hot mess. In other words although I liked the speech therapist there was no way I was dealing with this office multiple times a week over a long period of time.

In frustration I turned to a few preschool teachers and the other moms in my mom’s groups for some recommendations and that is when I heard about the Westside Regional Center. Not only did it have a good reputation and positive reviews form families that had used them but it was also a free state run program. I called and set my son up to get assessed to see if he qualified for speech help.

Unfortunately the process is long and consists of a speech assessment but also an occupational therapy assessment. Then I meet with a coordinator, and then our case gets seen by a board who votes on the best treatment for my son, and then I meet with a case worker AND THEN we finally get the help we need. Government sometimes sucks.

Last week my Little Cricket met with the Occupational therapist and passed her tests and puzzles with flying colors. Today he had his speech test as well as an interview with me. By the end of the meeting she stated that she thought my Little Cricket was bright and didn’t have any learning disabilities but that she thought that he would definitely qualify for some speech therapy.

It was what I was expecting to hear, at least with her agreement we can move forward toward getting a plan to get him some help.

One more interview, a treatment discussion meeting, a case worker appointment. Hopefully we will get cleared by Christmas.

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