Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Occupational Therapy Screening

I called the Westside Regional Center over a month ago to get help for my sons Speech Delay. With getting a speech assessment to see if he needs help they also require an Occupational screening. I knew that my Little Cricket didn’t have any issues or delays with his motor skills but they still wanted the assessment done.

I wasn’t super thrilled with the method of testing. The therapist wanted my Little Cricket to sit in his high chair for almost an hour performing test after test. Most of them were puzzles, fine motor skills and hide and seek kind of things. She moved through each test quickly. As he passed she simply whisked the items away. I could see the confusion on my sons face, he wasn’t finished figuring out and playing with that item yet. It was super frustrating for me to watch. I knew the therapist had an agenda and needed to test him with several items but I have never taken things away from my child in quick succession like that.


Regardless he did amazing with the puzzles and fine motor skills as I knew he would. She had him do several other things, run, walk on a line, climb the stairs, put on his shoes and socks. All were fine.

There were only two things that my Little Cricket isn’t doing yet. One is that he isn’t connecting photos in a book with items in real life. Despite the fact that we read books ALL THE TIME, he isn’t able to hold a ball and then point to a photo of a ball. It is something we will need to look into. He also has a weird focus issue, where he gets so engrossed in what he is doing that he seems to ‘tune’ everything else out. I am not sure if this is just a ‘2’ thing, a ‘my Little Cricket quirk’ or an indicator of something else. It was noted in his file to assess again later.

All in all though the therapist said he did great and didn’t qualify for Occupational Therapy.

In other news the speech therapist I met a few weeks ago suggested I get this echo microphone to help my Little Cricket learn to say new words. I ordered one right away. The microphone came today, along with 14 others. SERIOUSLY! At least we will have plenty of backups in case one breaks.



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