Thursday, June 18, 2015

My Little Cricket’s Delay: ITS Getting Cricket’s Speech Assessed

About three weeks ago I took my Little Cricket to his two year pediatric checkup. My Little Cricket is a healthy, active, curious little boy. However the main topic of our appointment was the fact that he isn’t talking much, and some of the words he has used in the past he won’t use anymore. In general he just isnt that interested in mimicing me and therefore not even making a real effort to use words to communicate.

Now I am taking all of this with a grain of salt. Although most kids are communicating and talking by age two some aren’t. My mother in law said that all three of her children (my husband, his brother and his sister) all talked late, closer to three. And my mother said that one of my brothers spoke late as well. With a history of late speakers, all who turned out totally normal I am trying not to get overly concerned. Kids develop on their own timeline and my Little Cricket seems to be a little late of a talker is all. However I am going to follow my doctors advice and get my son a few tests. She wants him to see a hearing doctor and a geneticist, both would perform minor tests to rule out any issues. She also wanted me to get a speech evaluation done, which is what we did today.

First I had to find a place that my insurance covered. And then make the first appointment I could get. The building, although in a good area, was awful and not clean. I did like the speech therapist but I can tell you now if he needs therapy we will not be returning back to this center. After sitting in a tiny room with my son and the therapist and answering what feels like a ba-gillion questions we were told we would have her report in a month.

It is so annoying this process, it takes so long to get anything done. First we had to wait three weeks for the screening and now we have to wait another four weeks for the results. SIGH.

Patience was never one of my good qualities.

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