Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Hearing Test

In an attempt to rule out anything obvious with my Little Crickets speech delay our pediatrician recommended getting a hearing test and a genetics screening. Both are covered by insurance and both rule out in black and white any issues. Today was our appointment for my Little Crickets hearing test. I did research and we ended up driving all the way to Torrance to a hearing specialist that works often with young children.

Have you ever seen the movie Chucky, or IT. Ok picture their friends and cousins. The first hearing test they tried on my Little Cricket was a tiny little glass room full of crazy looking demented dolls and circus toys. SERIOUSLY people it was like the island of misfit toys. Totally spooky. I so wish I could have frozen time and taken photos but I was too busy being astounded and attempting to get my child to cooperate with the test. Unfortunately he wouldn’t look the way the creepy noises were coming out of the creepy toys so this first test didn’t work.

Dragging a now freaking out toddler back to the main room the technician states that most kids his age don’t do well with that test, and we would just move on to the second easier test. WHY OH WHY couldn’t we have just done the easier test to begin with is beyond me… and then we started the easier test and I wanted to cry.

Have you ever tried to tackle a wombat and dress it in an adorable tutu, with matching shoes and hair ribbon… NO? Neither have I but I am assuming it would be easier than attempting to place tini tiny little ear buds in my sons ears, to have him not try to rip said ear buds out of his ears, and to keep your son absolutely quiet when he is freaking out.

I was doing a ton of swearing in my head.

After 45 minutes the technician wanted to give up and try another day. I just looked at her like she was crazy. Come back, do this again, it wasn’t going to help my wombat stay still or quiet.

Pushing a square peg through a round hole is my specialty, so with brute stubbornness we kept trying and actually managed to persevere. Tenacity is my friend.

Anyways the test was complete. My Little Cricket passed his hearing test with flying colors. And we left knowing what I knew when we entered the building. My Little Cricket could hear just fine.

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