Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: Shuffling in the Attic

I have been re-organizing and shuffling rooms around to clear a room for Rogue Baby #2 due in July. With all the shuffling I have created a large pile of things that needed to get stored in the attic. I also had a list of things that I needed to get out of the attic. The main thing I needed to go through was all of the baby things, clothes etc that I had stored away from my Little Cricket. And then I wanted Mr. Rogue to bring down my grandmothers dolls that I have stored up there. I want to add one or two to the little girls nursery I think.



It took a good hour and a half but we managed to get everything I wanted up and down, sorted and organized. Nostalgia over all of those tiny little baby clothes my Little Cricket wore. I have to admit tears were flowing. Sniff, sniff they are so small. It is hard to imagine in a little over a month we will have a tiny little baby in the house again.


We also got several boxes and deliveries sent to redecorate my Little Crickets room into a big boy room and stuff to decorate the new nursery. Although I love all the new stuff arriving and I am excited to see how the new rooms turn out I am so SICK of my house being in chaos. Everything is in its correct room for the most part now but nothing is organized how I like it.



Baby steps, I have to focus on each task at a time or I am going to get too overwhelmed at all that needs to be finished in such a short time; deep breaths.

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