Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: OBGYN Appointment – 37 Weeks Pregnant

Today I brought Ms. Fairy to my OBGYN appointment. Luckily for her it was an ultrasound visit and she got to see my sweet baby girl all healthy and punching me on the big monitor. We are only two weeks away now from my scheduled c-section. My doctor is a little concerned. The baby is measuring big and so that means I could go into an early labor. Of course that is what she said about my Little Cricket, that he was measuring big and it could mean an early labor and he came out only 7 pounds without any sign of labor. I am really really really praying that I don’t go into labor early. My parents arrive the day before my c-section to watch my Little Cricket.

Two weeks and I get to meet my little angel.


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