Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: OBGYN Appointment – 34 Weeks Pregnant

I left for my OBGYN appointment a little early today so I could swing by the hospital, in the next building to my doctor’s office, and drop off my pre-registration paperwork. It’s funny; I haven’t been in this building since I gave birth to my Little Cricket. It was like stepping back in a time warp.

I gained another pound this week which made my doctor happy. I am feeling so much better this last trimester than I have the other two. Of course because I am feeling better I am taking my toddler out even more and therefore running more. Thank god for all that ice cream I have been eating. When my doctor asks me if I am eating I always stare at her in disbelief. I know that the scale isn’t budging much but I am eating like crazy. It seems that with this pregnancy I am always so hungry.

Its funny even though I am weighing less this pregnancy I feel bigger and am in fact carrying bigger. Something about how my stomach muscles didn’t have time to fully tighten back to awesome stomach muscle tightness. In essence these sad stretched out stomach muscles didn’t have a chance to heal fully and are being stretched out again. So at 34 weeks I am in fact measuring at 37 weeks. My doctor talked about a big baby, and talked about early labor, both of which I decided to live in denial with.

My last pregnancy she predicted my son would be big and he came out a perfect 7 pounds. So until I have an early labor or a big baby I am just going to pretend everything is fine.

I am loving that this little girl is moving around like crazy. Every day, multiple times a days she kicks and stretches. It is like a constant reminder that everything is ok and it makes me smile all the time. Even with the constant kicking reassurances it is still so wonderful when I get to hear her heartbeat. The doctor waves her wand over my stomach, she finds the heartbeat, I smile, she smiles and says that everything is perfect.

We are getting closer to the big day. There is still so much to do that I desperately need time to slow down, but I am so excited that I desperately need time to speed up. 6 more weeks and counting.

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