Monday, June 8, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: OBGYN Appointment – 32 Weeks Pregnant

I have been feeling pretty good since I hit the third trimester. I still get waves of nausea and I still am having horrible heartburn occasionally. This week I didn’t have any weight gain again but at least I didn’t lose weight. My blood pressure and labs they do every visit continue to be great as well as the babies heartbeat. And I am assuring my doctor that I am in fact eating, I am eating a ton, I just am RUNNING after a two year old all the time. Best exercise program I have ever been on by far.

I now will be going to the doctor every two weeks instead of every three. We are getting down to the wire here folks and I am getting excited. I got my packet to pre-register at the hospital today, so I will have to go in and do that soon. This week my doctor did an ultrasound so we got to see baby girl. I had my Little Cricket with me and I was trying to describe that on the weird blue and black screen he could see his sister. He totally doesn’t get it.



Baby is doing great and she is four pounds four ounces according to her measurements. I get tears in my eyes every time we get an ultrasound or I get to hear her heartbeat. With her ninja kicking I get constant daily reassurance that everything is ok. But nothing beats hearing that strong heartbeat and getting that smile from the doctor that everything is going well. Dr. told me to continue eating, to try and gain a little weight and to make sure to rest often (yeah right).


I told my doctor about the horrible heart burn I have been getting so she suggested I try tums. OH MY GOD people, these little Tums are magic bullets of love. Mr. Rogue, who gets horrible heartburn, scoffs that my heartburn is tiny little baby heartburn if Tums work. I am just super happy for the relief… now if I could just sleep on my stomach again. Sigh.

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