Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: Nursery - Picking Out the Paint

Today I drove to Sherwin Williams and Dun Edwards and grabbed handfuls of paint colors. With my Little Cricket I wasn’t too picky about what I grabbed. I just went in and got as many greens and corals as I thought would work, and then a little more. My Little Crickets room is painted a beautiful deep celery sage color and I love the saturation and intensity of it. It doesn’t overwhelm and is a beautiful tone. I knew I wanted something a little bolder for our little girls room, something poppy and bright. But I also wanted to make sure that I didn’t go wave over in saturation and intensity. By first figuring out my Little Crickets color I could compare the new coral color I wanted with it.



So Mr. Rogue and I sat down today with the matched green color to my Little Crickets walls and the curtain fabric for our new little girls room. We went through the paint swatches and discarded 90 percent of them pretty quickly. Some were too brown or too orange, some too bright or two burnt. Finally we settled on three colors we liked. All pretty similar to each other; Inner Child, Jovial and Youthful Coral. In the end, biting my fingernails, we decided on the boldest and brightest of the three. This color was bold and out of my normal decorating with muted colors comfort zone. Youthful Coral; I hope you look as good on the walls as I am seeing in my head.



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