Monday, June 22, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: Nursery – Let’s Get the Pink On

Over the past week I have been moving all tons of stuff from what will be the new babies room, right now the computer room, downstairs to the exercise room. Last night Mr. Rogue and I disconnected the computers and moved most of the cords down and today the workers came to dismantle the desks, move the furniture and prep and paint the room.


Back in the day when Mr. Rogue and I had time and were young we would have tackled this project with a few friends and a long weekend. At the end of that weekend our backs and arms would feel like lead and the paint job would have been slightly less than perfect. Now with a few workers and a day everything is done.


I was a little nervous about putting this bold of a color on the walls and honestly I held by breath as I walked in when they were putting it up. I have to say it looks AMAZING and I am totally in love with all this pink. I can’t wait to get the furniture in and the art on the walls. We are just about a month away from our little girls birth, hoping I can pull this room off by then.



Even my boys love the pink!


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