Monday, June 29, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: Nursery - Artwork for the Nursery

The nursery is chugging along, slowly, oh so slowly. I wish I had more time to dedicate to getting everything the way I want it before the baby gets here but I am kind of getting to a place where it will get done when it gets done. And that is most likely looking more like a few weeks after the baby arrives. That will just have to be ok because that’s the best I got right now.

The good news is that the walls are painted. The changing table and the rocking chair have been moved out of my Little Crickets room and are now in our new little girl’s nursery. But that is it.

My Little Cricket is still using the crib, so that will get moved in a few months when he is done with it. We are still waiting for the bookshelf to be shipped, it was on backorder, sigh. I ordered the floating shelves that will hold the dolls but those are being shipped OH SO SLOWLY and still haven’t arrived. And the side table I ordered hasn’t left the warehouse yet, of course.

With all the stuff still in route the room looks pretty bare. I do however have the four picture frames now for the room. I just need to find something to put in the picture frames. I have been looking now for a few weeks, trolling the internet looking for some art that I loved that fit the colors I wanted. Finally I found the perfect pieces and then in the next moment I was disappointed because she didn’t sell her work in the sizes I needed. I went about looking for something else but nothing was as perfect. So I decided hey, I am an artist; I will just paint this myself. You know in all my free time. What am I thinking?


Needless to say, without a crib, with everything still in route to be delivered, and with me actually painting the artwork this nursery will get done in what feels like NEVER.

Stay posted.

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