Sunday, June 21, 2015

Our Little Father’s Day Tradition

Mr. Rogue thankfully got the day off today. It feels like forever that we just took a day to just chill as a family without something planned or to-do lists to wade through. We started off the morning with a few little Father’s Day gifts. Some shirts I knew he needed, a book that my brothers had growing up that I thought he and my Little Cricket could share together and love. And then the updated Daddy & Me photo. I love this little tradition, every year I take the same picture frame and I update the photo with a new one of my Little Cricket and his daddy. It’s hard to imagine that next year we will have two kids in that photo.




Last year for Father’s Day we went to a local park we love, we hiked the 2.5 miles up the mountain, had a lovely picnic and then hiked back to our car.

THERE ISN’T anyone in this house that has that kind of energy this Father’s Day. With Mr. Rogue working a billion hours a week and with me being super pregnant we opted for a truncated version of this little tradition. We simply skipped the hike and drove up the hill. It was still wonderful, maybe even more so, because we were still together, still outside, still tucked away in a little meadow that surprisingly isn’t super busy and doesn’t feel so much like lala land. And we got to skip all that sweaty, leg exhausting walking. SCORE.




My Little Cricket had a blast, he got to run to his heart’s content, daddy and my Little Cricket played ball. We found a lovely tree to spread our blanket under and have lunch. And my Little Cricket was totally content to chill for a good hour after lunch with us.








We headed back to the car and dropped off our picnic gear and then took my Little Cricket to the park nearby. He got to climb and get some of his wiggles out and then we took a short walk to the vista point. All in all a mighty fine, relaxing, awesome, family time kind of day. Ahhh if only everyday could be as idyllic.







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