Sunday, July 12, 2015

Not All Low Tides are Created Equal

Sure I am due with our second child in two weeks but a hike down a mountain and back up isn’t gonna stop me from showing Ms. Fairy the awesome tide pools. I have only been once before with Mrs. Dancer and Ms. Sweetie and it was amazing. Ever since then I have really wanted to take Mr. Rogue, so yesterday when we were talking about what we wanted to do all together this was at the top of our list. Unfortunately everyone else in LALA land wanted to see the tide pools too. And everywhere in LALA land the parking SUCKS. When we came last time it was a weekday and no one was here. But of course with it being a weekend we got there the parking lot was full and they weren’t letting anyone else in. We had to wait a good 20 minutes but thankfully they let us and a few other cars in to park.



This time we hiked down with double the water from last time and I had to stop for a lot more breaks to catch my breath. That baby was squashing my lungs. But finally we arrived at the bottom excited to see some cool sea life.



As we got closer and closer to where the tide pools were I started getting concerned. The tide wasn’t out, where were the rocks. I thought I messed up the tide schedule timing but I looked on my phone and it was right. We were there at low tide… it just didn’t look like low tide. Finally I flagged down one of the life guard and I learned my mistake. Apparently not all low tides are create equal. If you want to see the tide pools well we need to come on a day when the tide pools are a .9 or lower. Today was a 1.9 and we weren’t going to get to see much.


The rest of the crew decided to hike around the peninsula and see the blowhole. The rocks of the hike and the high water made it pretty dangerous for me, since I couldn’t see my feet. My Little Cricket and I opted to just play in the pools of water and see if we could find some interesting things. My Little Cricket could have cared less about the tide he had such a blast playing in the water and getting sopping wet.









I didn’t find much. Not anything like what we got to see last time (that day we just got lucky with a .1 low tide). Besides this gives us an excellent reason to come again soon.


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paul peggy zeus said...

The treasures you can find when the tide is low, so cool!

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