Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ms. Sweetie, the Beach, Some Cheesecake, A Movie and Some Late Night Art

Ms. Sweetie and I had plans to spend the day together. And since it was a nice day we decided to try to beach. Now I did warn her, I haven’t taken my Little Cricket to the beach since last summer. However I was pretty sure, sitting on the beach sunning ourselves and relaxing to the sounds of the waves wasn’t how our afternoon was going to go. I was right. We instead took turns. One of us relaxed in the sun listening to the waves and the other RAN after my crazy son. He had such a good time. I got him a little swimmer inner tube to wear and off he went. Other than the fact that there want a ton of relaxing in there we all had a really fun time.







After both Ms. Sweetie and I were run out and parched we headed to the nearby jungle gym. At least here we didn’t have to worry about drowning. Ms. Sweetie gave me a nice 30 minute break while she kept my Little Cricket occupied playing and climbing and just being an awesome little athlete.



With my Little Cricket sufficiently tired and all of us hungry we headed to the Cheesecake Factory. I ordered the fish tacos and I took a tiny sip of the drink I bought Ms. Sweetie. AHHH Peach Bellini I love you.


We came home, cleaned up and then put my Little Cricket to bed. Ms. Sweetie and I indulged in a little Fifty Shades and death by amazing sugary Cheesecake we had taken to go. YUMMM.


And then at 11pm, because we were crazy, we started some artwork. I had mentioned in passing that I really needed to start the color studies of the artwork I planned on making for the nursery. I was unsure of the medium I wanted to use. Paint or chalk. So we did a few tests in chalk. We stayed up until almost 1, something unheard of for this mama. Sadly, chalk we decided, wasn’t the way to go, but at least we got started on something. It was fun getting all artsy with my cousin.





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