Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fourth of July is on Hold

Ahh the realities of holidays like the Fourth of July with small children, a holiday I used to love but have to put on hold. Loud fireworks, late nights, traffic, drunk drivers, crowds, up past bedtime and dealing with all of that 9 months pregnant did not appeal. So Mr. Rogue and I decided to spend a quiet night at home… again.

I know that in the future when the kids are older we will be able to go out and have fun on holidays like this again.

So we stayed in, we BBQ’ed. Mr. Rogue’s brother came to spend the day with us (his wife and kids are vacationing in the Philippines right now). The food was yummy, and my Little Cricket just loved that big corn on the cob. He finished the whole thing himself.



I made a lovely strawberry pie which we ate while watching ‘Ex Machina’ an awesome movie that I have been wanting to see for a while.



And then after the movie we went out back and blew off our little popper streamers. Fireworks are not a good idea in LALA land, especially during a massive drought. WHOOO HOOOOO. And we were in bed by 10:30. We are officially middle aged.



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paul peggy zeus said...

Happy Fourth. Kids do change your life in so many ways, but they are so worth it!

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