Sunday, June 7, 2015

BBBS 74: Happy 17th Birthday

Today I took the twins out for their 17th birthday. SERIOUSLY they are seventeen… it is mind boggling. Where did my little sweet girl go. Normally we go to an amusement park, either Disney or Magic Mountain, however since I am about to pop pregnant that isn’t an option this year. So the girls decided that they wanted to get phones this year with their birthday money. We found a great deal at Metro PCS, two free phones. Since the phones were free I instead paid for their first two months of service. The girls were beyond excited to get their own phones.


We headed to the park afterwards. The hour drive there, and the hour in the store to get the phones and my Little Cricket deserved some running around time. The girls are both awesome with him. I wish they lived closer so I could have them over as babysitters. We went and got Chinese and then it was time for me to get home. I really wish that I had more time. I am so thankful for the one on one time I got with Ms. Little before I had kids but the past few years, with them moving an hour away and with having children has made it so much harder to get together.



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