Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Little Fun in the California Sun

Ms. Fairy and I woke up bright and early and ran a ton of errands. Somewhere Ms. Fairy simply hung out in the car with my Little Cricket while I quickly ran in somewhere (which was so convenient – I hate taking my kid in and out of that damn car seat this pregnant only to have to run in to a business for a moment). Already I am utilizing this kids super strength. No way would I have been able to lift these boxes that got delivered to the post office by myself.


I bought her a Mocha Frappe from McDonald's as a reward for muscling both boxes into the car on her own.

Then we headed to my new favorite place to hang out. A beach in Marina del Rey, Mother’s Beach, called so because it is the perfect place for moms with little kids to go. The beach is actually in the harbor, so no scary waves, lots of fine soft sand to play in, a huge park with multiple structures and a giant Cheesecake Factory with lots of yummy food and desserts.

So I sat on a bench for the next hour and a half while I watched Ms. Fairy run after my Little Cricket. And it was the most lovely hour and a half of my life.









Afterwards we ate a massive amount of food at the Cheesecake Factory and took cheesecake home to go. My Little Cricket crashed hard as soon as we got home. Poor little guy was just exhausted and so Ms. Fairy and I consumed our daily calories in cheesecake and watched a girly movie. And for once I went to bed tired but not aching from head to toe.





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paul peggy zeus said...

MMMM love that place. I'm drooling!

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