Friday, May 8, 2015

The Week in Moments:102 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

The teething is a never ending cycle. I swear every single week you have a new tooth erupting and they seem to come in so slowly. This week you are chewing on your fingers more than normal. They are always in your mouth and often you have both hands in there. Your nose is also dripping like crazy, thank goodness you seem to like blowing your nose and you don’t seem too effected by the teeth with excessive crabbiness or anything. So I can thank the world for small miracles.







We are dealing with you taking your clothes off when you wake up. If I don’t get to you fast enough you take off your diaper too. All week it has been a struggle and a few days ago you finally succeeded in my nightmare. You managed to take off your clothes, and your diaper and then have a poo and pee explosion all over the crib. Thankfully I don’t think you ate any of it, because that horror story I just don’t think I could handle. We went right in the bath and then I spent the next half hour scrubbing and starting laundry. Hopefully this is a very very SHORT phase.


You little arms are now long enough to reach the seat belt. We still have you rear facing in the car and your new thing is to pull the seat belt toward you and then watch it snap back and retract. In fact you do it over and over giggling all the while. Totally adorable.


We went to the Zimmerman with friends this week. I haven’t been for a while, not since five or six months ago when you tripped and cracked your lip open. Now that you are much more coordinated and active this place was amazing for you. You and your friends had such a great time. We went to have a snack with all the moms and I love that their little eating nook has plenty of high chair accessories. I looked over to hand you more fruit and you were just chilling watching everyone at the table looking a little too comfortable. Manners are hard to teach.





Your art teacher got a new toy for the class and you LOVE IT. In fact you played with it the entire period, ignoring the craft for the first time since we started class. I have been keeping an eye out for an awesome birthday present and I think we just found one of them!


You are getting more comfortable with your gym class and your instructor. Now you are slam dunking baskets and even participating in the instructor lead activity of the day. This week you tried the swinging jump and the suspended swings. I love that the whole room is padded and you can climb anything you want and you love it too, not having any boundaries. Now if I can just get you to understand that you CANNOT climb anything you want at home we will be golden.





We have been working with the puzzles we own a bunch. You are getting really good at them and they are becoming almost too easy so now I started mixing two different ones together to give you more of a challenge.


You just LOVE playing with daddy. He rough-houses with you in a way I just don’t. Although some of the things make me cringe a little for my poor little baby, you are both obviously having a riot. Daddy is your favorite person in the world right now.


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