Friday, May 29, 2015

The Week in Moments: 106 Weeks Old

You are so creative and smart. Puzzles are your favorite thing in the world and two weeks ago we got you a magnatile set. You are rocking that thing every day for an hour. I love all the creative ways you are playing with it and love watching you learn new things. Of course you are also getting frustrated when your creations collapse to the ground but that is all part of the learning process. Little disappointments like a collapsed tower will prepare you for picking yourself up after other little disasters.



We have been practicing with the big boy cup a few times every week but now we are trying to make it more of a regular routine. Most mealtimes we give you a cup with a little water in it. Although more often than not you love playing with the cup, dumping the water out or dunking your food into it. Inevitably most of the time it ends up everywhere by the end of the meal but I hope that you will get through exploring soon and we will pass this phase.


This week you picked up two new words. You started saying water instead of milk when you want a drink of water and you added cheese to your vocabulary. Cheese is something you are super obsessed with and loving right now. You are also back to saying down, a word that has been missing from your vocabulary for months. Before you would say it as DOOOOWWWWN very drawn out and slow, and now you are saying more like DON. I know what you mean but it still a little strange.



You are doing great feeding yourself with a spoon. We have graduated to a big boy spoon sometimes and I think you eat more because it carrys more food and you get less frustrated. In an effort to fatten you up I have been a little loser on the healthy food. We got a tray for your stroller and I almost always have a snack on there for you to munch on now.


You are a skinny guy but long. Shirts really haven’t been too big of a problem but I have been having such a hard time getting pants to fit you. Finally this week, I moved you out of 12-18 month old pants. They fit well at the waist but they seriously an inch or two too short on you. Unfortunately the 18-24 months pants fit you length wise but don’t fit you around the waist at all. So I got a toddler belt from amazon and that has been working out really well. And then since the sewing machine was out I actually sewed the waists of some of the stretchy pants for you so they fit better. Ahhh fashion for my little skinny boy.



You have been teething what feels like forever. Your teeth come in one at a time and oh so slowly. I keep checking because I am sure you have a whole mouthful of new teeth and this week I finally see a little tooth peeking through your gums. Its one of your eye teeth and from what my mom said the eye teeth and the molars coming in are the most painful. I can tell you are uncomfortable. You constantly have your fingers in your mouth since the binkie is strictly for your room at bedtime now only. I have been offering frozen peas and ice teethers which seem to help and on really bad nights I have given you some Tylenol.


You are growing up so fast. We love you so much buddy!




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