Friday, May 22, 2015

The Week in Moments: 105 Weeks Old

I want to start out by saying that you are such an amazing little boy. You are almost always happy. You never ever have temper tantrums. You eat well and sleep well and pretty much are just a go with the flow little guy. It makes life so much easier when we all get along. However you are a runner, and you do NOT LISTEN when I call your name. I know this is just a part of you being two but it is hard for me to catch you sometimes. We have had a few scares the past couple of weeks where you REALLY got far away from me and my frantic dash to catch you. I know that this too shall pass but if you could work on listening to me just a little better it would be so nice.








With the results of your 2 year ped appointment and your low weight I am now working on feeding you every single two hours. It feels like all I do now is offer you food. However if we are going to try and bump up your weight we gotta do what we gotta do. I am also breaking some of my rules and following the doctors’ orders to try and cram more calories in you. I am now offering you some sweet options with a high calorie count to tempt you to eat more. So far we have spread Nutella on your apples (which you just LOVED) and you have had a bowl of ice cream right before bed. We still have you on whole milk as well and I will be putting more butter and cheese in everything possible that you eat.



Although you are not anemic you are still refusing to eat meat. So in an effort to make sure you are balanced with your nutrition I did a ton of research this week and picked up a multi-vitamin. There are so many options out there for everything and seriously it takes so much time to make sure that you are doing the best for your family. In the end I decided to go with Smarty Pants, a gummy vitamin where I could pronounce and knew what everything was in the ingredient list and that got good reviews. Although labeled for 3 years old and older (because of the gummies causing a choking hazard) after consulting with my sons dr we decided to go with the gummy at 2. We offer a half dose which is 2 gummies a day and for the first few weeks I will cut them in half until I see how you do with them.


I keep toying with the idea of taking your binkie away. We did succeed in getting rid of it for a week when you were 13 months old and I almost wish that we had just kept it away from you. However you started teething again and sucking your thumb and I was pregnant and sick and tired so here we are. I know you are two, I know that most people feel like its time for it to go but I just don’t have the heart to take it away. You love it so much. And you will only be a little boy for such a short time. For now we are keeping it.


This week we had another birthday party to attend. This time at a local park. The best part about the party was the tickets for the little mini train. A group of us took off to ride it and the kids had a total blast. My Little Cricket you are just too adorable for words. Choo choo indeed.




I spent a few hours on the phone this week with the insurance company and with various doctors. I called specialist after specialist, did research on doctors and practices in our area and made appointments for you over the next month. Most of that time you wanted to hang out so you sat on my lap and ‘helped’ me write and talk to people. Sometimes I feel like I will never have any personal space again and other times I cherish these moments where all you want to be is close to me.


It was your birthday last week and you have been having so much fun with all your new toys. Some of them I have put up and will hand you one every other day or so. That way you aren’t bombarded by all your new stuff and I can attempt to get some cleaning or organizing done as you are enthralled with something new.




You have a ton of little quirks, one that makes me smile every time. We have a flower garland that wraps down our banister stairs. One of the fake flowers drapes over the stairwell at the perfect height for you to smell it. Even though it has no smell, you attempt to smell it every single time we go up or down the stairs. It is the cutest thing ever. You are adorable.


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