Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rogue’s 14th Birthday

My old dog man Rogue turned 14 today. Two years ago when he fell down the stairs and was having massive back leg issues I was being prepared by the vet that it was time to let my baby go. I went home sobbing in tears not ready to say goodbye. Then the next day I did research, I made a ton of phone calls, I decided to give him a few weeks and then start water therapy to help strengthen his legs. But hen he just slowly started getting better.

Mr. Rogue, my wonderful amazing husband carried Rogue up the stairs every night and down the stairs again every morning for a year. And then Rogue got strong enough to climb up the stairs on his own at night. Mr. Rogue still has to carry him down but against all odds my old man is still kicking.

He still has limited function in his back legs but he gets around just fine. He naps more than often than he is awake but he still has the energy of a puppy to play in short bursts sometimes. He is now absolutely deaf but he still wags his tail just as hard when he sees someone he loves.

Happy 88th birthday Rogue. You are the best dog ever and we all adore you to pieces.



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