Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Little Cricket’s First Dental Appointment

Today we have an appointment at a children’s dentist, the first of the four appointments my pediatrician wanted me to schedule. From what I have read and from what the receptionist I called when I made the appointment I was expecting a little look around, a doctor taking a peek at my sons mouth and a familiarization for my son of the chair. That’s it, easy peasy.

We got there and they had plenty of fun stuff to engage my son in. But they handed me a four page medical history they wanted me to fill out. Seriously! Couldn’t they email that out beforehand. SIGH.


Anyways we made it through the paperwork, thanks to their lovely iPad room, and then were shown to the dentist chair. And then this is where our appointment went worse. They wanted me to sit in the chair and hold my sons feet between my legs, his body draped across mine and my arms holding down his arms. They poked and prodded in his mouth until he was pissed and then they did a fluoride wash. All while he is squirming and yelling and digging his little elbows in my pregnant belly. AWESOME.

Although he wasn’t pinned for long it was totally against the happier let’s check out what the dentist is all about kind of appointment I was expecting. And then the doctor suggested x-rays. UM NO. My son just turned two. He does not need x-rays nice try. We will see you again maybe never.


At least we went, he got a clean bill of health, and the only negative feedback was a comment that we are going to have to spend a fortune in braces (which I kind of already figured). The doctor also suggested that we move to a tiny dab of regular children’s toothpaste even though my son hasn’t grasped the act of spitting out the toothpaste yet. I thought she was crazy since this went against what my pediatrician suggested and what I have read. We have been using a baby toothpaste by Nuk.

But when I got home and did research apparently the American Dentistry has changed their recommendations and when a child turns two this is the new guideline. Apparently the little bit of fluoride a child may swallow is less problematic than a mouth full of cavities at a young age.

The best part of the appointment was the little crappy plastic toy Jeep my son got to pick out of the toy basket. He hasn’t wanted to part with it.


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