Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Little Cricket Big Boy Bedroom Moodboard

Since with the new little addition to the family soon I will be stealing a bunch of nursery furniture from my sons room (bye bye rocker, crib and changing table) I wanted to plan out and order the furniture for his new room. Some of the things will be staying like the tree wall decal, the artwork, the rug and the tree bookshelf. Mostly we just wanted to get his big boy bed and possibly a table for him to work on as he grows. I found a few beds that I loved and then Mr. Rogue fell in adoration with one of them, a little log cabin looking bed that he simply said our son had to have.

Well that was easy.

I picked out a table to match and I might even throw a bean bag in there so we have a comfy place to read books before bed. We don’t plan on transitioning my Little Cricket to the big boy bed anytime soon. He currently is sleeping amazingly well in his crib and we won’t need the crib for the new baby until she is about 5 months old so we have plenty of time. However I am going to get the bed soon and have it here and ready before the baby arrives. That way when my Little Cricket does decide he is done with the crib he will at least be a little used to the bed in his room.


1. Wall decal – staying from previous nursery design

2. Deer head – staying from previous nursery

3. Tree bookshelf – staying from previous nursery

4. Lamp staying from previous nursery

5. Rocking horse staying from previous nursery

6. Rug – staying from previous nursery http://www.rugsusa.com/rugsusa/rugs/rugs-usa-silk-trellis-hac33/nickel/200SBHAC33A-508.html

7. Side Table – staying from previous nursery

8. Large Bean Bag Chair

9. Cabin Bed – Restoration Hardware

10. CafĂ© Play Table & Bench – Restoration Hardware

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